Bee offers eco-production for traveling campaigns that enhance French heritage.
It is through a selection of places and activities participating in the development of local tourism that Bee creates a visual and narrative soul for your brand.
France offers a vast biodiversity allowing to capitalize on the timelessness of the seasons. Your brand will come to life through mountains, lakes, seas, villages, castles. The routes developed by Bee are mastered in order to produce several visual campaigns in a single trip, considerably limiting the environmental impacts.


Thanks to its production model, Bee limits its environmental impacts. A quality charter has been established in which each actor is committed (live shooting, internal post-production studio, consumption of local products, etc.). Accommodation, catering, local activities, aesthetics ... Each sector incorporates a policy going above all towards a CSR approach.


Bee relies on the heritage culture of France: farms, lodges, castles, historic and atypical places, protected parks, France is full of many more treasures than you might think. It is by combining Nature and Culture that she (e) co-creates endlessly!


It is through a participatory and united energy that Bee wishes to rediscover his country, its heritage and territorial riches. Each of its campaigns carried out highlight the region, the location, as well as the accommodation in which it is carried out thanks to the virality resulting from its collaborations (brands, talents and influencers).